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Foot & Nail Care

30 minute visits include:

  • A thorough foot and nail assessment

  • Evaluation for medications that influence foot care

  • Evaluation of illness affecting feet

  • Safe nail trimming

  • If needed, nail debridement and callus care

  • Moisturizing foot and leg massage

  • Self-help education including:

    • Routine Foot Care Tips​

    • Proper Shoe Fitting

    • Issues of Mature Feet

    • Prevention & Treatment of Fungal Nails

    • Prevention of Diabetic or Neuropathic Foot Complications

​​Care is recommended every 8-12 weeks

Home Visit Services

We offer Foot & Nail Care Home Visits for those who are unable to travel to our clinical locations. Home visits are scheduled for one hour and includes all of the above care components. Please see our pricing page for information on home care rates.

Fingernail Trim

We do offer fingernail care, which includes clipping and filling to the client's preferred length and a moisturizing hand massage.

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